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Gourmet Meal


Our Story

On the heels of a career spanning almost 20 years that saw me go from dishwasher to Chef, to Vice President of Culinary, the exhaustion was unreal. I was working 80+ hours a week, traveling across the country, and missing out on watching my four boys grow up.
It was sad, my wife Stephanie (who happens to be my muse and best friend) was essentially a single parent 3/4 of the year. I ended up having a serious health crisis as the hours, travel, and stress caught up to me and suffered a seizure as a result. Our dreams of owning our own business all of the sudden became front of mind.
We decided one night to quit it all, launch our business, and hit the gas pedal… all the way down! With that, Peace.Love.Grub was born!
Peace. Love. Grub is obsessed with uniting families and friends at the dinner table.
We provide weekly meal deliveries, private dinner parties, and full service boutique catering. In each of our endeavors, the end result is the same- empowering our hosts to live life to the fullest and reclaim the dinner table!
Listen, there are a million incredibly talented Chefs out there. There are services akin to ours out there, sure… But ours is one that goes beyond a commodity. It is more than a meal solution. With us, you get an experience. With us, you get a connection that goes beyond a quick meal in your belly.
We strive to provide Peace. Love. Grub.

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