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Ever dreamed of hosting the perfect party without worrying about shopping, cooking and cleaning up? Peace Love Grub offers a selection of personal services catered to your specific culinary needs.


What you'll get!

Enjoy your very own private chef experience at your place! We customize menus for you, so your experience is just the way you want it!



Learn the secrets hidden within each dish, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Get ready to discover the taste of Nashville without leaving your own dining room!



I will arrive 90 minutes before your preferred dining time in order to begin working my magic. I won't arrive empty-handed! We will show up at your doorstep equipped with every ingredient needed in order to prepare your meal.



Feel free to put your apron on and cook some of the dishes with me! I am eager to share with you the secrets behind my recipes and Nashville's local hidden treasures. Not in the mood? Well then lay down, relax, enjoy a few appetizers and allow me and my team to take care of you.



Eat, share, drink, laugh, and explore Nashville's dining scene from your own table. Oh and don't worry about tidying up, everything will be left spotless for you to continue to enjoy!



Our all-inclusive packages start at $95 and can be completely customized! Contact us to personalize your experience!



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